Who is Rubie?

At Sitecast, Rubie is currently leading the company's platform development alongside with her business and life partner, Bradley Gauthier, to help technology partners and web developers build their ideal cloud-based solutions using Sitecast's Builder and Platform.

A hard working immigrant from the Philippines who started her adventures in the USA at the age of seventeen. By her early twenties, she became fluent in English and by 2010, became a citizen of the USA.

Rubie earned a full ride for her Computer Science degree from the University of Washington (Tacoma). She earned grants and scholarships from Boeing and the University of Washington. While pursuing her degree, she also worked full-time hours, and lead various groups at the university.

Prior to joining Sitecast, she worked at HP Inc. wearing different hats -- primarily as a Platform Integration Lead / System Engineer. She worked with geographically diverse teams and represented the firmware team in manufacturing sites overseas. Her primary objective was to unblock partners from bottlenecks to accelerate the end to end product development.

Rubie built a great reputation for being proactive in improving and optimizing processes to save time, costs, and effort.

She also served as an ambassador for the United States in an international business forum for entrepreneurs.

On the personal side, Rubie loves going to technical conferences and enjoys mentoring people. She was invited to present at the University of Washington (Tacoma) and local high schools to inspire and help guide the students in their career goals. She loves the outdoors, world traveling, and dancing.

She is open for opportunities to help organizations optimize their processes from marketing to development operation automation.

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Rubie Tiburcio

Engineer | Business Owner | Mentor

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