My Goals

Yesterday, I had the honor to have met with a PR person creating a documentary movie. 

I shared with her my life’s timeline. Boy, I have come far but I am not stopping. As a goal driven person, I always have targets I am shooting for. With objectives in mind, I feel I am increasing my life’s value — that I have a more meaningful purpose in this amazing world. 

I really like the book The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. The author’s insights are so relevant to the challenges I’ve been through. If things were easy, everyone would do them. 

There have always been bottlenecks along the way as I got to where I am now. And guess what? There still are bottlenecks. Everyday is an adventure; a roller coaster ride. For the rough path, I have just learned to navigate around it. 

She asked me what my goals are in the next five to ten years. 

Here’s what I told her: 

  1. To be one of the pioneers of changing the way “work” happens. Enable people to utilize the technology in their daily lives by automating redundant tasks so they can focus on things that need man power. I believe in my company’s manifesto: “There are two kinds of people. Either you will be controlled by the robots or you will control the robots.” Why not choose the latter? Then our brain power could be spent in innovation, self growth, gain experience, etc. 
  2. Build a research lab to extend to those who need resources. There are a lot of challenges and unsolved problems in this world which talented people can focus on. This was inspired by my former founders — Bill and Dave of HP. They created labs worldwide to enable builders to build things. My principles running Sitecast is leveraged from those pioneers. 
  3. Build retreat campgrounds for mentors/mentees. This will be a reward for those who work hard and will enable them to work together with people they admire in the industry they want to pursue. I know a lot of hardworking, talented people who are looking for guidance and mentorship. And I want to help connect and enable them.

Are my goals attainable? I truly believe so.

With the help of my mentors, mentees, friends, family, business partner, and growing team at Sitecast, we will make it happen. 

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