Perseverance Of An Immigrant

Not everyone gets things easy. With hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. 

When I moved to the US at a young age of seventeen, I had a series of goals set in mind, to become a US citizen, finish college, and get a great job. Oh, and somehow survive with my 20 USD in my pocket!

I worked very long hours for very little money waiting the table at my aunt's restaurant. Having english as my second language, I did not have an easy start.

Fast forward, I figured my way to college, reached out to the advisers, told them I was lost and did not quite know the process on how to get started. I applied for all the scholarships and grants I could possibly apply for.

With hard work and determination, I managed to get financial support, worked full time hours while retaining good, competitive grades and performing in leadership roles in campus. I graduated with Bachelors in CS from the University of Washington.

Little that I know about many more challenges I had to overcome. The economy was getting out of recession that made it quite difficult to land to any job in the tech industry. I did not give up. Thankfully, I also earned my US citizenship that opened up more doors. I landed with a great opportunity at HP as a firmware engineer.

Fast forward five years, I gained a lot of experience wearing different hats across the organization. The solution I worked on is now being leveraged as part of their development process.

I followed my intuition to fulfill another goal. Happiness is hard to find. I quit my job, packed my belongings and traveled around the world living out of a suitcase doing research. It was a great experience. Met a lot of wonderful people and learned a lot. The only way to learn is to go out and explore. 

Now, I have landed to a wonderful opportunity at Sitecast that can transform people's lives. I am honored to be helping fulfill a lifelong vision of my partner that can truly revolutionize people's interaction with technology. 

With my wonderful team, my goal is to help make the world a better place for my offsprings. I especially want to be a great resource to talented and hardworking individuals. Soon enough I'd build a research lab and retreat house. When I retire, I'd love to mentor many more hard working and passionate people.

As a tech entrepreneur, I believe in the saying, "Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so you can live the rest of your life like most people can't".

If I am able to survive starting with twenty dollars in my pocket, I have no doubt you can! You can be whatever you set your mind to. Do remember, there is no such thing as failure, everything is just a learning opportunity.

My old post with more detailed story.

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