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How important is it for Technical, Project, and Program Managers to know Source Control Management e.g. Git? 

Managers have to juggle multiple projects at the same time. They are often facilitating or participating in a number of meetings. 

A great manager knows how the whole system works to be able to identify what is needed to build a solution or a product. (S)he also knows productivity tools to help accelerate the development of the projects. 

Often, inside organizations with legacy processes, teams are stuck in meetings for requirement status updates. Which defeats the productivity gains of project management software.

Having an integrated system and a smooth workflow sets a great foundation for your development team. Being organized enables your team to have the right focus and be on the same page with the rest of the group. 

Using Git, managers should be able to look at any activity in the development repositories at any given time. Engineers also have a smoother workflow by only seeing the features with integrated tools and custom UI. 

'git log --grep=<ProjectIDHere>' returns any related commit to that particular Project ID (Project Management App ID) 

'git log --author=<NameofTeamMemberHere>' returns any related commit that person checked in that repository (checkout --since to add filter)

Git is awesome and so powerful! It is one of the powerful tools that helped me become much more productive when I was an enterprise engineer. I figure I'd put together some handy git command that I regularly used. Your developers might find it handy.

At Sitecast, we have integration with Jira, Github, and Slack for platform development. We then build the front end using our in-house cloud-based IDE (which will soon be extended to the developers community). Finally, we use the Scrum methodology and meet before and after each sprint (2 weeks duration). 

With that said, I also have set a rule since then and we apply company-wide — “No Agenda. No meeting.”

In general, if a process or a tool (too many features) is hindering your product development, take an action to make a change. Bring it up to the attention of the team or upper management and provide your solution.

Good luck on the development! Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can help setup processes and tools to accelerate your product development.

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