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Starve Ups, a seventeen years old accelerator in Portland with over 140 member companies hosted another annual launchpad event. Sitecast is honored to be the group's technology strategic partner. I have had the privilege to attend the event and learned a lot about the startup world. 

What makes Starve Ups better than the other accelerator programs? They do not take equity of the member companies. Purely a support, and mentorship group. The application to become a member is also thoroughly reviewed by serial entrepreneurs. Also, the public events are free — sponsored by the strategic partners. Once you are in, you will be surrounded with a group of hardworking, respectful visionaries following their passion in hopes for a bright future. 

Almost a year ago, I was introduced to the startup community when I joined Sitecast. Prior, I had worked for enterprise. I walked in the room hoping to learn from serial entrepreneurs through their journey in the startup world. I presented a quick pitch for my company to a relatively big group for the first time. My partner and I also had a few minutes to sit in as panelists from our strategic partnership with Starve Ups. It was a great experience and definitely interesting to see things from different perspective.

The founder of Rumblefish, Paul Anthony, opened up the event, sharing his inspiring roller coaster journey from building the company to his exit. 

We did fun activities at the workshops amongst the attendees. Listened and learned from the successful entrepreneur panelists on second and third day. 

The event ended with a fifth time keynote speaker, Greg Hartle, Co-Founder and former business partner of my partner at Sitecast. He has mentored and inspired so many people over these years. I am thankful and happy to have met him. 

The entrepreneurial journey is not easy. Building a committed team is extremely hard. From what I have heard in the discussion and the beginning of my startup journey, it is the hardest part. In reality, it applies to all organization sizes.

In the end, you have to surround yourself with people who believe in the same vision and willing to do whatever it takes, execute, thrive to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. The organization will only be as successful when each member of the team is passionate, and dedicated to the organization. Startup life is not for everyone — whether for founders or as a team member. I admire and am proud of those who are brave to take risks and follow their calling in building something extraordinary. 

Remember, put your health first amongst anything else. Wishing everyone the very best!

** You can get a couple of free books on Audible when you sign up using this link! Keep Learning. Keep having #funventures!

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