That Buzz Word, Artificial Intelligence!

That Buzz Word, Artificial Intelligence!

Back when I was in college (2008), artificial intelligence was a new “buzz” or “hip” in the program. It was not part of our curriculum in CS. 

Out of curiosity and the risk of possibly lowering my GPA (which would cost me my scholarship / grant), I took the course as an elective class. It was quite hard, pretty complex, and all new algorithms still being tested and being researched on. 

Fast forward, I completed the course building an app with a peer called “Monster Trap” that utilizes the traveling salesman optimization and leverages the heuristic algorithm. 

About ten years later, the AI algorithms are still being explored. More researchers and companies are working to solve issues to solve the challenges. 

People across different industries are getting into the AI industry. The wave we are currently in is still in the collaboration bots transition phase aka cobots. Bots are helping us simplify our tasks to buy time, make processes much more optimized, and make everything connected.

The overall goal of my company, Sitecast, and it’s parent organization, Quantum Pipes, is to connect everything to make the organizations across any industry AI-ready. 

My partner has been building apps for different industries since the age of twelve. Working with his father at a very young age at their tv-cable company, he had seen the transition of technology from analog to digital. Alongside with his passion in psychology, he came up with a great vision and architecture to set a good ground in connecting everything and gather collective training data used to create smart systems. 

With that said, we would love to help the organizations across different industries build a foundation to prepare for the next technology wave.

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