The Key For Exponential Growth.

The Key For Exponential Growth.

“Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.” — Robert Greene

Some people have used this strategy for their advantage against me in the past. That is why those who truly care about me have told me to not be an ”open book”. Bad people have used it to their advantage to try to take me down because I had resources they wanted.

But, in my opinion, why live in fear — that people will cause me harm? We all have flaws and have made mistakes in the past — it is part of the experiment of life.

Sorry, if others have felt “envious” emotion towards me — in the past or even now. Let’s work together to help you overcome that negative emotion.

My intention is not to validate but to help educate — not to show how great my life adventures are. No one’s life is perfect but the flaws are what makes it exciting!

Also, do remember, you only see part of the adventures on social media — their avatars. A lot of people or majority of the people are narcissists and they are not even aware.

Instead of studying a person, people, or competitions, why not spend those time and creative energy to learn and build something wonderful?

I know each one of you have a gift and skill that can be utilized and nurtured for growth.

A lot of people stopped growing — most people make the excuse of their age or lack of resources. No, it does not have to be that way!

A lot of the famous inventors were older and initially did not have the resources they needed to create something revolutionary. Look at all the inventions that we now integrated in our lives or habits — that is how far they pushed themselves.

I believe your beautiful brain was created for a reason. We must not get envious, jealous, or feel negative emotions towards others. Rather, collaborate with people and explore how we can all be a resource to one another.

Instead of competing against each other for resources, why not leverage all the resources we have, collaborate, and find more resources that will help save the future generations.

Collaboration and having growth mindset is the key for exponential growth. Please help produce more positive energy.

I really love one of my genius husband’s mini blog, "Escaping The Crab Bucket", that went viral a while ago. I hope it helps you escape the crab bucket!

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