Wealth = Family + Fitness + Freedom

I concur with MJ DeMarco's point of view. You are wealthy if you have all these triple Fs. Family (Relationship), Fitness (Health), Freedom (Choice). This was from the book “Millionaire Fastlane”. The title seems cheezy but the content is good and worth reading. 

Everyday, here are the things I am thankful for:

Family, I have my life partner who literally never left my side since the day we met. A healthy, wonderful, relationship I have dreamt of. Choosing a partner is the most difficult decision I have ever made. Your life partner plays a big role in both personal and professional goals. Having similar mindset is very important as over the course of time, you will end up pursuing each other’s goals in life. 

To be happy, you have to surround yourself with great people and make the most of the valuable time together. Over these years, I have learned to turn around relationships that are toxic to my way of living. In work family, toxic bosses and colleagues. Personally, friends, and family with high ego and crab mentality. Real people will invest time and give you a hand to support you in your objectives in life. Use your intuition and your gut as not all people are genuine. Time is of the essence. I appreciate people's time as much as I would like them to appreciate mine. 

Fitness, I used to spend a lot of time in the hospital when I was little. Asthma was one of the reasons. I am very thankful I do not have it anymore. Living in the Pacific Northwest really helps. Everyday, I am also thinking about our parents, our family, and friends' health. If there is a development I wish I can accelerate, that would be the research to cure cancer. I have family members and friends who are / were victims. My life partner, Bradley, and I are doing our best to give ourselves enough break to stay fit and healthy. We have to take care of our own self so it won't be hard for the other.

Freedom, the freedom of choice, it is. I have had the privilege to literally packing up my stuff and traveling around the world. It was not an event that just occurred. It was a long process to attain that level of freedom. Not being tied into a job is a freedom. It certainly is something I appreciate the most. The reward of being able to pursue a solution that we have full control of is definitely rewarding. Like all the other key points above, this is another delicate process my business and life partner, Bradley, and I need to keep working on. Primarily, because we want to extend it to others. In my previous post, I shared with you my goals when I have financial freedom. As I mentioned, I want to become one of the pioneers of changing how people work. 

At this moment, I would say, I am very fortunate to have all three Fs. My measurement of success does not depend on how fat my bank account is, how many friends I have, material possessions, or fame. It is my way of living. Do I get to live the life I want and spend my valuable time how I want? Thankfully, yes.

Remember, you have full control of your life adventures and you have all three keys as well! We are all created equally with “TIME” in our hands. It is up to us how we use it to be “wealthy”. 

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